ANKLE Holsters

Ankle holsters are designed to carry the gun on the leg, at or just above the ankle. The holster is attached to a flexible material that wraps around the ankle. It can be a concealment option with the pant leg pulled down over the holster at the ankle. Ankle holsters are better suited as a backup carry option and for small size and lightweight handguns. Our Ankle Holsters are made in the US from comfortable and flexible Neoprene material. Shop our ankle holsters today. Free US Shipping.

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    ANKLE Holster - Neoprene ANKLE Holster - Neoprene

    ANKLE Holster - Neoprene

    SAVE 35% :  Was $39.90, now $25.50  while supplies last ANKLE Holster made from  Neoprene (diving suit material) with soft fabric coating. Wraps around the ankle with VELCRO locking system. Comes with garter to wrap above the...

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