Matt Stamp reviews Master's Holsters on YouTube

Matt Stamp reviews Master's Holsters on YouTube

Posted by on 29th Jan 2023

Matt Stamp is a US Marine Corps veteran, Firearms and First Aid instructor. He has his YouTube channel about guns, fishing, training, and gear reviews where he shares his knowledge and experience as well as his unsolicited and unbiased opinion on products without compensation. 

Unbeknownst to us, Matt had purchased one of our Master's holsters and he "absolutely fell in love with it".  He reviewed Master's Holsters on his popular YouTube channel. Then he bought another Master's holster and posted a second video where he explains why he "will never use a Kydex holster again". 

We were made aware of his reviews by one of our customers and we decided to share them with everyone here.

You can watch his original video here.

You can watch Matt's follow up video here.